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Male and Female Urinary Incontinence

     Although less common in men than in women, urinary incontinence afflicts both men and women, particularly as they age. Although there are various causes and types, urinary incontinence is not a disease but the result of a urinary tract problem which can, in the majority of cases, be corrected.

Types of incontinence include:

  • Stress Incontinence, characterized by an involuntary release of urine during strenuous activity.

  • Urge Incontinence, in which you are unable to get to a bathroom in time to urinate.

  • Overflow Incontinence, where urine may come when you don’t want it to and refuse to come when you do.

     In most cases, urinary incontinence will respond to medication, exercise, physical therapy or lifestyle changes. Surgery is a rare but available option for certain conditions.

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